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PKT Cash is a fascinating project with big ambitions and an exciting future.

Anybody can earn $PKT by utilising their CPU and spare bandwidth.

What is PKT Cash?

PKT Cash is the world’s first bandwidth-hard blockchain protocol, built to incentivize the growth of infrastructure.

Visit the PKT Cash project website for an indepth introduction the project.

What is PKT Watch?

PKT Watch is dedicated to building useful, free tools for the PKT Cash community and broadening adoption of the PKT Cash blockchain and associated technology.

What is announcement mining?

Miners use idle CPU time to generate small messages called announcements and broadcast them to block miners who pay $PKT for them.

Block miners use specialized equipment to secure the blockchain, but the PacketCrypt algorithm allows them to do less work if they have more announcements, effectively substituting bandwidth for CPU power.

By utilising your CPU and spare bandwidth you can contribute announcements to the pool and earn $PKT for your efforts.

Learn more about announcement mining at the PKT Cash project website. Read more

Why do I earn more/less $PKT than your website estimates?

We try to provide accurate estimates based on information provided by the PKT Cash mining community but sometimes these estimates may be above or below the performance that you can achieve.

Mining performance can be effected by many factors and may fluctuate from day to day. Including but not limited to: Bandwidth limits. Pool performance. Thermal throttling.

You may be able to improve your performance by mining to different pools or investing in a better internet connection.

How are perfomance estimates calculated?

PKT Watch combines data provided by the mining community and CPU benchmark data to make estimates about the performance of CPUs.

Are you mining PKT Cash? Why not create a CPU report and help to improve our estimates.

How can I get involved in PKT Cash?

Join the PKT Cash community...

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